Please be aware that, pursuant to Section VII of the Restrictive Covenants for each Plat, all construction and alterations to the exterior of lots requires approval of the Architectural Control Committee. This Committee currently consists of the following Board members:

The Architectural Control Committee can be contacted via EMAIL. The Restrictive Covenants, which can be found HERE, contain the full obligations for each lot owner. The following are the main guidelines:


Section 3 of Article VIII of the Restrictive Covenants requires that "[p]rior to the construction of the main residence, the owner of a lot shall first submit a preliminary plan to the Architectural Control Committee stating in general the type, style, size and general design of the residence to be constructed, along with its location on the building site and the name of the lot owner's designated General Contractor. After approval in writing of the preliminary plan by the Architectural Control Committee, the lot owner shall then submit two (2) sets of the actual plans and specifications which shall include the floor plan, exterior color schemes, and materials, elevations and actual plat plan showing distances from easements and lot lines and the location of the finished grade height of the first floor. The lot owner agrees that he/she will not obtain a building permit until the Architectural Control Committee shall approve or disapprove in writing any plan submitted to it or any member of the committee within seven (7) calendar days of the actual submission of the plan."


Section 3 of Article VIII of the Restrictive Covenants also requires that "[n]o alterations, repairs, excavations, fences, awnings, patio cover, swimming pool, light pole or fixture, mailbox, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior of any Lot or Common Area or the improvements located thereon shall be commenced, made or done on such property without the prior written approval of the Board or the Architectural Control Committee. In the event said Board, or its designated committee, fails to approve or to disapprove such construction, additions or alterations within seven (7) days after said plans and specifications shall have been submitted to it, approval will not be required".

Any questions should be directed to the Architectural Control Committee. Any requests or submissions of documents for approval should either be physically provided to a member of the Architectural Control Committee or can be mailed or emailed as directed by a member of the Architectural Control Committee or other member of the Board. Please note that Homeowners Association mailing and email addresses are not checked daily. Therefore, mailing or emailing of any requests or submissions of documents without prior authorization will not start the running of the seven (7) day approval period until a member of the Architectural Control Committee or the Board of Directors is made aware of the mailing or email.