Please be aware of the following:

Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 3 of the Restrictive Covenants: "There shall be installed and planted upon each Lot and maintained by each lot owner landscaping as may be approved by the Architectural Control Committee and which shall be in an amount of no less than $500.00 exclusive of sod. Owner shall not destroy any trees that already exist on the lot unless trees hinder construction of residence being built. If no trees exist on lot, owner shall plant at least two trees in the front yard. Owner shall sod front and side yards and seed or sod back yards within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of construction."

The tree requirement will be enforced for all new construction. While the Developer was responsible for approving construction and landscaping for the existing completed homes, the Board does encourage those home owners who do not have at least 2 trees in their front yard to plant such trees in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of the neighborhood and for environmental benefits.

For vacant or new construction lots per Article VIII, Section 3 of Covenants :